Feb 27, 2018
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Solace Sabah' Dr Prem Kumar Shanmugam to talk at Dubai Addiction Conference

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If you are a UAE resident and want to gain an insight into addictions, or seek professional advice about the condition, CEO & Clinical Director of Solace Sabah – Dr Prem Shanmugam, a world renowned professional in the field of drug addiction treatments, will be presenting at the Erada International Addiction Conference on topics of addictions in the family and rehabilitation.
Scheduled to take place during the first week of March (2nd & 3rd) at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, this is an excellent and educational opportunity for professionals and individuals with an interest in the subject.
The conference organizer aims to promote and encourage participants from different sectors to attend the event, not limiting the opportunity to psychology or mental health professionals only. The event committee hopes to achieve a shared appreciation among the participants, of what different psychological, peer-based and medical approaches can offer, through the display of service users experience, research and clinicians work. Delegates are therefore encouraged to apply the information given by speakers, whether that’d  be in professional work or when working with service users.

Solace Sabah' Dr Prem Kumar Shanmugam to talk at Dubai Addiction Conference

Dr Prem Kumar Shanmugam

The EIA conference will cover a range of different topics, which include;
Addictions & The Family, The Social Neuroscience of Addiction & Recovery, Addiction as a Brain Disease with Social Consequences, Reconsidering Addiction Treatment etc.
The economic cost of drugs addiction in the UAE each year amounts to Dh 5.5 billion, according to a news report by Gulf News. The financial losses were calculated based on a 2012-15 study carried out by the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) in Abu Dhabi, with the help of the UN Office for Drugs and Crime as well as the participation of 20 UAE’s departments and universities.
Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, told the Federal National Council in May 2016 that the number of cases increased to reach a death rate of 6.1 out of every million people. A figure which, while not as high as in other countries, is still a problem that affects the whole of society. Adding to this, thanks to the severity of the penalties in the UAE, drug use is much lower as compared to other nations. However, the high cost of such issue should not be underestimated as the treatment and rehab for drug addicts costs billions of dollars a year.
Dr. Prem Shanmugam is also in the country to announce the opening of a Solace Sabah representative office (www.solacesabah.com) in the capital city of Abu Dhabi, where individuals can come and seek advice on treatment programs. Solace Sabah share similar core values and the same global view of improving treatment and innovation in this sector as the EIA organizer.
Solace Sabah is Asia’s leading rehabilitation center, with headquarters in Malaysia and regional offices in Singapore and now Abu Dhabi. Founded in the year 2014 by CEO & Clinical Director Dr. Prem Shanmugam, known globally for his expertise on the subject, the organization and clinical team stands among the most reputable in the region. Since its inception, Solace Sabah has been the point of reference for those from the UAE and the Middle East seeking addiction treatments, offering a unique and effective treatment model developed by Dr. Prem Shanmugam himself, who carries many years of research experience and publications in addiction, substance abuse and treatment.
Both EIA and Solace Sabah are excellent advances in the way of treatments for addiction in the UAE and wider Middle East.
Solace Sabah office in Abu Dhabi:
Office no 42, Level 14
The Federal Authority for Government,
Human Resources Building,
Corniche Road, PO Box 48480,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: 0505750480  
UAE Toll Free Number:  800035704438
KSA Toll Free Number: 8008146166
Email: [email protected]

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