Mar 8, 2016
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Famous English Women!

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Following the suit of “English Tourism Week” and also taking into Account today is International Womens’ day.. Todays article is our top ten famous ENGLISH Women, In no order or ranking.

  1. The Queen! 

Queen Elizabeth is obviously a prominent figure in English culture, as head of the monarchy she is well respected and heads 15 other commonwealth countries. She is Britains’ longest reigning monarch and has seen more change in this country than any of her predecessors.


 2. Beatrix Potter 

A much loved author amongst English/British Children, her books were and still are quite famous as “Bedtime stories” Or something you would read to your child on an occasion. Helen Beatrix Potter is best known for her animal featured stories, but was also a natural scientist and conservationist.

3. Adele

Putting the “Hello” back into our culture, Adele is a well known singer and song writer who has one many awards for her singing. These include a Brit award for “Critics choice” , fourth best selling album of all time (19) and a record breaking 6 Grammys, amongst much more.. She surely is a talented woman!

 4. Princess Diana 

An all time favourite in the UK, Princess Diana is well know for her charity work and work with the community, she was and still is a well loved member of the royal family, despite her unfortunate death in 1997.

  5. Judith Dench 

Most famously known for her roles in the 007 movies! Also known as “Judi”, Dench is known for her strong-willed woman roles, she is a very unique but powerful actress who has won the hearts of many!

6. Julie Andrews 

Julie is another English actress who has ploughed her way through acting with great success. From the princess diaries to Duet for One, animated movies like Shrek and Despicable me. She surely has a variety behind her!

7. Katie Price 

Well known as “Jordan”, Price is a Tv personality and glamour model, she is also an excellent mother of 5.  Although it may seem the public have mixed opinions, Jordan is looked up to by many young women, she has been through a lot and is still a successful English woman today!

8. Pixie Lott

Victoria Louise “Pixie” Lott is a songwriter, singer and actor. Released in 2009, Her debut single “Mama do” went to number 1 in the UK charts in no time! As with a lot of celebrities, Pixie has a huge fan base and is admired by many, a popular Hashtag we picked up on was #WhatPixieWears !

9. Margret Thatcher 

Also known as Baroness Thatcher, Thatcher was a prominent Prime Minister of England fro m1979-1990, Currently the only woman to have held office! She was originally a research chemist, before becoming a barrister then being elected!


10. Last but not Least; Cheryl Cole 

Previously a dancer and model, Cheryl’s career really kicked off when she joined the girl band “Girls aloud”, with hit songs such as “Sound of the underground” and “Love machine” . Also judging the X-factor, Cheryl doesn’t just portray talent, she fishes for it too! Another celeb that many look up to as a role model!


So there we have it! Our English Women For International Womens’ Day And English Tourism Week! Don’t forget to Hastag and tag us when you share our post, sharing is caring! #MyDxbBlogETW #MyDxbBlogIWD #IWD2016 #IWD

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